Earthquake Engineering Research Centre


Earthquake Engineering 

The objective of the earthquake engineering research, within the Centre, is to gain knowledge of the nature and effect of earthquakes. The main areas of research are: 

  • Mathematical modelling of earthquakes
  • Measurements
  • Earthquake loading
  • System identification of structures
  • Earthquake mitigation in complex structures
  • Risk analysis of structures
  • Earthquake resistance of hydroelectric power plants
  • Earthquake resistance of lifelines

Earthquake Engineering Research Centre

The Earthquake Engineering Research Centre of the University of Iceland was established in the year 2000 with a special contract between the University of Iceland, Ministry of education, Ministry of justice, Township of Árborg and the Civil defence.


ICEARRAY is a small-aperture array of earthquake accelerographs (the first in Iceland), located in Hveragerði and monitors earthquakes in the volcanic zone, Hengill and the South Iceland Seismic Zone.

Data bank

Time series from earthquakes measured by the Icelandic Strong Motion Network, that are over magnitude 4, are available for download from the databank.