In agreement with obligations of the University of Iceland with society and the emphasis that is put on strengthening the ties with industry, an effort has been made on providing the industry in Iceland with all the services it has sought after and tend to both large and small projects.

The majority of research projects and services performed by the Centre are done in close cooperation with companies and government institutions. A range of projects spanning as diverse tasks as designing artificial limbs and research done in connection with the design of a 200 m high earth fill dam. The majority of projects are associated with environmental factors in Iceland’s nature such as earthquakes and storms. Following are examples of important activities:

• Environmental monitoring and various measurements
• Earthquake hazard assessment
• Estimate earthquake response of structures
• Estimate the earthquake response of equipment in special structures
• Assessment of design specifications for complex or special structures
• Estimate of wind-loading on structures
• Estimate of wind response of structures
• Estimate of the effect of wind on the environment

In the past years several projects that are related to the design and construction of the Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric power plant have been important in the activities of the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre (EERC). Among them the re-evalutation of the basis for earthquake design  specifications, a calculation of the possible displacement of faults in the damn foundations, survailance of the ground motions both with GPS measurments and accelerometers.

The EERC has also taken part in the assessment of earthquake hazard in North Iceland and the defining earthquake design specification for the Bakki north of Húsavík and the geothermal areas in North-Iceland that are connected with providing energy for planned industrial plants near Húsavík.

The EERC has for several years monitored earthquake activity in the seismic zone in South-Iceland and accumulated acceleration measurements in eartquakes. The years 2000 and 2008 where large erthquakes had their orgin. This research has had several applications in the past few years. The National Power Company asked the EERC to estimate earthquake hazard for the planned power plant area in Lower-Thjórsár area.