Earthquake Engineering Research Centre


Earthquake Engineering 

The objective of the earthquake engineering research, within the Centre, is to gain knowledge of the nature and effect of earthquakes. The main areas of research are: 

  • Mathematical modelling of earthquakes
  • Measurements
  • Earthquake loading
  • System identification of structures
  • Earthquake mitigation in complex structures
  • Risk analysis of structures
  • Earthquake resistance of hydroelectric power plants
  • Earthquake resistance of lifelines

Dr. John Douglas

Visiting Professor from BRGM (French Geological Survey) (, Orléans, France 

BSc. Hons (1998) University of London (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine), UK

PhD. (2001), University of London (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine), UK

PhD thesis (PDF document, 12.6MB)

Habilitation à diriger des recherches (accreditation to supervise research) (2010), University of Grenoble; France. (Link to HDR report)

Main research activities engineering seimology and earthquake engineering. Ongoing research projects are dealing with empirical ground-motion prediction, site characterization, and local site effects.

Earthquake Engineering Research Centre 
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